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3S Rainflaps 3S Rainflaps

Spray Suppression System (3S) Rainflaps consists of unique surface formed by multiple tuffs / grass blades with a strong and sturdy backing. This surface contains the water spray and reduces the pulverization of water thus limiting formation of water spray. It absorbs the kinetic energy and guides the water downwards.

The containment of spray improves visibility considerably when the trucks move on wet roads thus making travel safer. The 3S performance meets the norms of ECE / EEC (European) standards in addition to AIS 013 (Indian) norms.

All the units manufacturing Auto Component products are accredited with ISO / TS 16949:2009 Certification.

Industrial Packaging
Automotive Components
3S Rain Flaps for a Cleaner Drive
Deaeration Tanks / Radiator Tanks
Fuel Tanks
Air Ducts
Lifestyle Products
Health Care Products
Material Handling
Composite Cylinder
Infrastructure Products