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Time technoplast Ltd. (Time Tech) is a leading polymer product multinational company with operations in India, UAE, Bahrain, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Poland, Romania, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The company caters to Business segment including packaging, Infrastructure, Lifestyle, Automotive, Healthcare, Composite Cylinder and Material Handling. Industrial packaging business encompasses range of products including tight head drums, open top drums, jerry cans, pails and 1000 liter intermediate bulk container.

Composite Gas Cylinder

Time Technoplast acquired Kompozit-Praha s.r.o., an established manufacturer of LPG composite cylinders based in Europe.

Time Technoplast has now set up a state of the art manufacturing facility for composite cylinders in India using the technology and know-how. Another plant is being built up in Bahrain.

Composite cylinders manufactured in India are offered under our registered brand name Litesafe

Time Technoplast presents, Litesafe new generation Composite cylinders for LPG applications.

Litesafe Cylinders have gained huge interest and appreciation across the globe due to its various striking features. These cylinders are superior alternatives to traditionally used metal cylinders. These cylinders are extremely light weight attractive in color and shape, rest and corrosion proof, UV resistant and most importantly are 100% explosion proof.

Litesafe Cylinders are first of its kind to be manufactured in Asian region. Time Technoplast is now able to offer composite cylinders to Middle East, Africa and South Asian countries at lower shipping costs.

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