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  • Consumer Products
    Blister packaging for Tooth Brushes, Shaving blades, Brushes, Dry cells, Torches, Combs, Writing Instruments, Stationery Items, Cosmetic Items, Cutlery, Gas Lighter and Toys etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals
    Blister packaging for Vials, Ampoules, Syringes, I.V. Cannula etc.
  • Food / Beverages
    Ice Cream Cups, Bakery and Confectionery Trays, Mineral Water Cups, Dairy Products, Pickle Containers, Strawberry & Grapes Punnets, Candy Cubes, Honey Blisters etc.
  • Engineering Items
    Blister packaging for Cutting Tools, knives, Pliers, Scissors, Spanners, Automobile Parts, Grinding Tools, Gaskets, Tubes etc.
  • Transparent Cartons / Window Patching in Paper board cartons.





Industrial Packaging
Drums and Containers
PET Sheets
Technical Data
Total Packaging Solutions
Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)
Automotive Components
Lifestyle Products
Health Care Products
Infrastructure Products