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Plastic drums / barrels, Polycans / Jerry cans are manufactured through extrusion blow moulding process out of special grades of polymers. Such packaging products are made through a fully automated continuous process without any welds or joints. They are fitted with special stoppers, plugs, bungs, inserts, caps, handles to meet specific design / performance requirements.

The key features of TTL's range are as follows

  • Strong and Sturdy The products are made out of special grade High Molecular - High Density Polyethylene which offers excellent mechanical strength against tough and multiple handling conditions.
  • Compatibility The polymers used in the manufacture of such products are inert to most chemicals including hazardous and corrosive chemicals. Therefore, they offer wide compatibility and long shelf life for filled in goods.
  • International Designs TTL's range follow the latest designs in packaging products and offer special features i.e. inter-stack ability and optimal decant ability. The dimensions of the products are specially chosen for palletizing and optimum utilization of container capacity.
  • Conformity with Packaging Standards TTL follows national and international packaging standards.
  • Adaptable The design and dimension of the packaging offered by TTL are such that they can find instant compatibility with the user's filling and handling systems.
  • Easy Handling It is the single most important criterion for selection of packaging products. TTL lays lot of emphasis on design and construction of packaging products so as to make them convenient for handling and transportation. For instance HM-HDPE XL-Ring drums are provided by integrated and built in L-Rings at the top and bottom for turning, rolling and lifting of the drums.
  • Safe & Secure Due to lack of mechanical handing equipment in the supply chain of user industry, such packaging is subjected to multiple handling in hostile environmental and handling conditions. TTL products have built in safety margins to ensure dependable performance. These products also have built in features to make them tamper evident to avoid pilferage of precious filled in goods.
  • Long Service Life TTL products are designed and processed to ensure long service life under different storage conditions.
  • Environmentally Friendly TTL believes that its Packaging products ensure avoidance of spillage of chemicals into the environment. These products also have design / profile for optimal drain ability to minimize residue on emptying, which otherwise ends up damaging the environment. The polymers used in the manufacture of these products can be fully recycled without straining the environment.
  • Price Competitive TTL's packaging products are specially engineered to impart requisite strength for excellent performance with optimum use of polymers thereby making them price competitive.


These barrels / containers are used for packing by users in Specialty Chemicals, Paints, Inks, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, FMCG Intermediates, Conception Chemicals, Additives, Lube Oils & Additives and food industry amongst others.

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