Company Profile

Time Technoplast Ltd (Time Tech) is a multinational conglomerate with operations in Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, U.A.E, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia & USA is a leading manufacturer of polymer products.

The company’s portfolio consists of technically driven innovative products catering to growing industry segments like, Industrial Packaging Solutions, Lifestyle Products, Automotive Components, Healthcare Products, Infrastructure / Construction related products, Material Handling Solutions & Composite Cylinders.

Time Tech group operates more than 34 production facilities across the globe and is recognized for its innovative plastic products.

Since its inception in 1992, Time Tech has set itself apart from its competition by focusing on research and development, futuristic product designing, superior customer service by setting up 28 manufacturing units & 8 regional and marketing offices to meet the growing demand of Indian customers & further to fill the need gap for global customers.

Time Tech is promoted by qualified professionals with decades of experience who believe in working hard for the company, its customers, its suppliers, its employees and its shareholders.

Marketing & Distribution

Time Technoplast has developed its marketing and distribution network to reach institutional clients and retail consumers. The Company has qualified and trained team of Marketing & Sales professionals servicing over 500 institutional clients and its distribution / dealer network is spread over 345 cities and towns. Time Technoplast ‘s established marketing and distribution network enables it to launch new products within a short time cost effectively.

Time Technoplast ‘s strategic expansion overseas in U.A.E, Bahrain and Thailand enables it to serve its customers in Western, Southern and Southeastern region of Asia.

Time Technoplast focuses on maintaining and establishing long-term relationships with customers. The Company believes that it has the ability to address the varied and expanding requirements of its customers over long periods. This also has in the past resulted in Time Technoplast introducing new products thereby obtaining additional business from existing customers and also marketing such products to other potential customers and consequently expanding in new markets