Duro Active

Tired Standing at Work ?

 Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

Duro Active will make you feel comfortable!


  • Anti fatigue
  • Increased work pleasure
  • Ideal foot rest in Standing Posture
  • Cushion Feel


  • Automotive Assembly lines

  • pg= Cushioned Mats For Standing

    Laboratories, Hotels, Hospital, Pharmaceutical / Medical

  • Excellent for Retail Counters

  • Engineering Work Shop

  • Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

    Spas, Beauty Parlous

  • Assembly Shop Floor

Duro Active has been ergonomically designed, to cater specifically to the segment of workforce that spends long hours at work in standing posture. Its anti fatigue property coupled with the cushion effect makes Duro Active an ideal foot rest for the user. The ergonomic design enhances blood flow to the legs, thereby reducing pain. Duro Active is a recommended product across industries like retail, hospitality, printing & packaging, healthcare, Beauty & Salon etc.

Product Detail

  • Duro Active top surface manufactured directly into the mat for long lasting protection
  • Diamond Tread Pattern on top surface
  • All four sides are tapered to minimize trip hazards

Why duro active

  • Decrease foot and lower limb fatigue for people who stand in one position for long periods
  • Duro Active reduce risk of accidents & improve safety
  • Hard, unyielding floor like concrete, are the least comfortable surface to work on
  • Duro Active have sloped edges (Sloped Edges are less of trip hazard & allow carts to roll over

Technical details of anti fatigue mat

Thickness 22 MM (±3%)
Dimensions 2ft X 4ft, with Top Layer 2mm & Bottom layer 1 mm.
Available Sizes 2ft X 3ft, 2ft X Aft , 2ft X 5ft, 3ft X 5ft, 3ft X 6ft (±3%)
Structure PVC sheet with foam sandwich
Material PVC + foam
Colour Black with Yellow edges/Grey with Red edged on Length side
Anti Fatigue Comfort
Cleaning Sweep ,vacuum or damp mop
Edges Ant Trip, Solid Moulded, Tapered edge
Cutting Not Recommended
Temperature use range 0 – 60°C
Application Can be used on both Wet and Dry Flooring
Warranty One Year

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