Intermediate Bulk Container

product1With the popularity of Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) spreading far and wide, IBC systems are being increasingly used in newer market, such as Middle East Asia, far East and Africa apart from established markets of Europe and America. Time Technoplast is pleased to offer specially designed Intermediate Bulk Container named as GNX Bulktainer – a futuristic packaging solutions.

GNX Intermediate Bulk Container are designed with exclusive features for efficient performance even in rugged terrains and rough handling.

Safe and Secure

GNX ® Bulktainer are built tough and tested to meet stringent testing norms. Over the years, we have acquired the requisite knowledge and experience to ensure optimum security and safe handling of IBCs. The IBCs carry most hazardous and precious chemicals across long stretches of land and water and hence, it is imperative to follow basic precautions of blocking and bracing.

The “Orange Book” or the “IMDG Code” & ADR regulations lay down strict guidelines for blocking & bracing packages. The IBCs packaging shall be secured by suitable means, capable of restraining the goods (such as fastening strap, sliding slatboards, adjustable brackets, inflated dunnages, wooden planks) in the vehicle or container in a manner that will prevent any movement during the transportation or change of orientation of the packages or cause them to be damaged. When transported with other goods, all goods shall be securely tightened, voids filled by use of dunnage or by blocking and bracing. Overtightening, causing damage or deformation of the packaging to be avoided.

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IBC Collect Service

After the use of GNX® Bulktainer by the end-customer, they can be disposed off through regular channel of re-conditioners, free of cost (standard conditions may apply) in most countries. Among re-conditioners, GNX® Bulktainer enjoys universal acceptance due to use of standard components (valve, lid etc.) and size configuration. Should there be any specific requirement for disposal of IBCs, the customer may write to: or visit us at:

Technical Specifications

Description GNX® Bulktainer – PP GNX® Bulktainer – CP GNX® Bulktainer – WP
Dimension (LXWXH) (mm) 1200 x 1000 x 1175 1200 x 1000 x 1155 1200 x 1000 x 1155
Inner Container (UV stabilized HM-HDPE) Standard Transparent Transparent Transparent
Optional Black/Blue Black/Blue Black/Blue
Useful Volume (Ltr) Standard 1000 Ltr 1000 Ltr 1000 Ltr
Pallet Type Standard Plastic (PE) Composite Steel Wooden (ISPM 15)
Filling Opening Standard DN 150 DN 150 DN 150
Optional DN 225 DN 225 DN 225
Gasket for Filling Opening Standard EPDM EPDM EPDM
Optional Viton Viton Viton
Bottom Discharge Valve* Standard DN 50 Boll (R & QD Type) DN 50 Boll (R & QD Type) DN 50 Boll (R & QD Type)
Optional DN 50 Butterfly
DN 80 Butterfly
DN 50 Butterfly
DN 80 Butterfly
DN 50 Butterfly
DN 80 Butterfly
Identification Plate Standard 504 x 396 min 504 x 396 min 504 x 396 min
Optional 673 mm x 396 mm
700 mm x 396 mm
673 mm x 396 mm
700 mm x 396 mm
673 mm x 396 mm
700 mm x 396 mm
Additional Features Identification plates & Security flap at Discharge Port are press-fitted. Option of Camlock adaptors & NPT coupling for Discharging Valve.
Certification / Approvals Logo Hazardous goods certification available

* Gasket compatibility / suitability to be ascertained by Buyer/ Filler.


Ibc Tank Manufacturers

GNX® Bulktainer – PP

  • Single piece all plastic pallet
  • U-profile steel reinforcement channel
  • 4-way, runner pallet
  • Earthed for ground contact
  • Plastic drip area — no rust/corrosion
  • Ideally suited for high frequency multi-trip usage
  • Interstackability is provided for all pallets

GNX® Bulktainer – CP

  • Better option to all steel pallet
  • Block / connectors made of PE – rust and corrosion-proof
  • Does not get damaged easily with fork lift handling equipment
  • Plastic drip pan – no rust, longer life
  • Easily serviceable
  • Earthed for ground contact
  • Interstackability is provided for all pallets

GNX® Bulktainer – WP

  • ISPM — 15 heat treated pallet
  • Economical & reliable
  • 4-way entry & interstackable with all versions

Top Lid

  • 6″ (DN 150)

  • 6″ (DN 150)

Discharge Valve

*Ball Valve 2″
(DN 50)

*Variants in Gasket available and indicated with different colour shades

Colours available

Butterfly Valve 2″
(DN 50)

Butterfly Valve 3″
(DN 75)

Identification Plate


  • 504 x 396 mm


  • 673 mm x 396 mm
  • 700 mm x 396 mm

Accessories / Spares / Tools

GNX® Bulktainer – Unique Next Generation Features

  • 1

    3-Ribbed Top Profile

    Specially profiled 3-ribbed structure for higher weld contacts.

  • 2

    Higher Dynamic Stack Performance

    All 20 verticals connected to top ring by Anti-vibration Braces (AVM, in addition to welding. Exceptional dynamic stack performance.

  • 3

    Large Weld Area

    Vertical open flange open folded for bigger weld area, better flexibility,

    EHS compliance.

  • 4

    Higher Clinch Performance

    Clinching position rearranged scientifically on sides. Higher resistance to clinch opening on top.

  • 5
    Ibc Tank Suppliers

    Aligned for Top Performance

    Top cross bars and respective verticals aligned for a box structure. Upgrades IBCs for top lift capability with reinforced cage. (Available on special request)

  • 6

    Less Bulging

    Long side verticals scientifically aligned, move forwards centre. Lesser bulging.

  • 7

    Ground Conductivity

    Specially bolted for ground earth contact.

    EHS compliance.

  • 8

    New Plastic Pallet

    New plastic pallet without in-built steel bridge. Steel reinforcement attached separately. Better performance & eco-friendly recycling possible.

  • 9

    Safety Guard

    Protectors for cage end near drip area.

    EHS compliance.

  • 10

    Bigger Dog-house Area

    Easy valve replacement on used IBCs. Reconditioner friendly.

    EHS compliance.

  • 11

    Neat & Rust-free Drip Pan

    Plastic drip pan. Prevents corrosion / rust formation.

  • 12

    Easy Pallet Truck Access

    4-way composite pallet, designed for easy access to pallet trucks.

  • 13

    Press-fit Sleeve

    Press-fit new clinch sleeve.

    EHS compliance & branding opportunity.

  • 14

    Robust Corners

    Higher & more stable dynamic stack performance.