Packaging Development

Continuous Up-Gradation of Packaging

TTL endeavours to provide the latest packaging the world has to offer to its valued customers. Up-gradation of packaging and improvement are provided regularly to improve the performance, security, quality and cost benefit.

Rationalization & Standardization

TTL has a range of products to offer from 20 – 250 liter capacity in Narrow Mouth, Wide Mouth and Open Top types to pack liquid, viscous and powder material. TTL provides advice on rationalization with a view to keep a minimum number of package type & sizes and facilitate standardization.

Labeling, Marking and Coding

On request TTL can provide advice and suggest vendors for quality labeling, marking and coding systems.

Handling and Filling Systems

Each of the packages is as per the international designs and sizes. TTL can provide expert advice on modes of handling & specific tools, and on even automatic filling systems.