CNG Cascades

Type IV CNG Cascades with More Fuel Carrying Capacity

  • Conventional Type I CNG Cascade accommodates 4,500 water litre capacity on a standard truck.
  • With the same truck and payload capacity, Type IV CNG Cascade can accommodate 9,360 water litre capacity and hence more CNG can be transported.
  • Depending on Cascade size required, optimum size can be designed & within truck payload capacity available.
  • Guaranteed max size on any truck vis-a-vis other options & always more than double compared to Type I Cascade.
  • Offers highest degree of structural stability and safe as the height to base ratio exceeds 2.5.
  • Easy access to filling and decanting ports either at back or on sides.
  • Strong and Sturdy Cascade frame designed. Crash resistant and easy access to cylinder valves.
  • Cascade design facilitates airy and roomy structure.
  • The entire 9,360 water litre capacity can be filled in `one go’ without compromising any filling capacity nor any additional time loss.
  • Cascade design with single bank / multiple bank provision possible.
  • Key prominent and visible branding space options.
  • Reputed brand tubings and fittings used.

Mobile Refuelling Unit (MRU)

  • MRU is used as a novel idea to bring the CNG to your doorstep.
  • MRU Cascade unit with in-built compressor facilitates CNG dispensation to on-road vehicles anytime anywhere.
  • Double capacity Type IV Cascade normally does not need refill during the day.
  • Large gas carrying capacity lowers operating cost, to ferry gas between mother station and dispensing location.