INTRODUCTION TO Dwc Pipe Manufacturer

product1DWC is a double layer pipe with the outer layer having corrugation and the inner layer with a smooth surface. The outer corrugated layer substantially increases the stiffness of the pipe, which enables the pipe to take same burial load at a fraction of the weight of Solid wall pipes of the same size.

system incorporates Integrated Coupling system with elastomeric seal ring for leak tight joining.

Pipe Manufacturers In India

Corrugated Pipe Manufacturer is a technically superior and cost effective solution for drainage and sewerage systems over conventional DI & RCC pipes with a steep reduction in installation time and equipment hiring cost. These pipes are available in sizes ranging from 100mm DN/ID to 1200mm DN/ID having ring stiffness ranging from SN2.5 to SN16. Inner layer can be in different colours, with the outer layer in black colour.

are manufactured as per following standards.

  • IS 16098 Part II
  • ISO-21138 Part III
  • IS-14930
  • BS EN 50086


  • Longer Length

    These pipes are available in 6m/12m length. Thus, the numbers of joints are less, resulting in faster installation.

  • Smooth Inner Surface

    Offers least resistance to flow. Improves flow characteristics.

  • Lightweight

    Easy to handle, transport and install. 70-90% weight reduction compared to DI/RCC pipe.

  • High Impact Strength

    Does not dent/break during handling, transport and installation.

  • Long Service Life

    Due to inherent advantages of no corrosion and shedding sudden overload by temporary deformation and recovery, these pipes have long service life,compared to conventional piping material.

  • Low Installation Cost

    Installation cost is low on account of speedy jointing method, requiring no foreign material for jointing. Less trench width required, resulting in low civil work cost.

  • Deformation

    Allows deformation and soil movement, which won’t damage structure under external load,unlike rigid pipes.

  • Chemically Inert

    Does not corrode. Remains unaffected by gases/acid formed in sewers and chemicals present in sewage.

  • High Abrasion Resistance

    Due to high abrasion resistance, wear and tear is low. Thus,last longer.

  • Ease in Jointing

    Due to integrated coupling system with elastomeric sealing ring, the process of jointing is fast and joints are leak-proof.

  • Life Cycle Cost

    Due to low product weight, low installation cost, least maintenance and longer life, life cycle cost is least.

  • Recyclable

    100% Recyclable


Dwc Pipe Price List

Sewer Line Application

Drainage System

Rainwater Drainage

Highway Drainage Corridors

Storm Water Drainage

Effluent Discharge

Irrigation System



  • Density Test
  • Mass Melt Flow Rate Test
  • Ring Flexibility
  • Ring Stiffness
  • Impact Strength
  • Water Tightness
  • Thermal Stability
  • Creep Ratio (Oxidation Induction Test)


Sealing ring plays a vital role in making joints leak-proof.

Elastomeric Sealing Rubber Ring

  • Elastomeric sealing ring made of EPDM with resistance to UV exposure, ozone, ageing, weathering, and many chemicals great for outdoor application.
  • Low electrical conductivity
  • Resistance to steam and water
  • Surface of the ring is smooth, free from pitting cracks, blisters, air marks, and any other imperfection that may affect its behavior in service
  • Elastomeric sealing rings are made in accordance with one of the type (Type 1 to Type 6) of IS 5382 standard.

The jointing procedure of DWC pipes is easy and simple to adopt and is illustrated below.

  • Sealing Ring

  • Put ring in first corrugation valley.

  • Fixing of ring

  • Ensure ring is well fitted on pipe

  • Arrangement for joining

  • Bring pipe closer as shown with joining device

  • Pipes are now successfully jointed and are 100% leak-proof