Duro Wipe

Swimming Pool Floor Mats

Time’s latest innovation in matting industry is DuroWipe. It is made from high grade polymer & it comes with an unique “Twin Blade Technology”, which has the ability to wipe out water / moisture & suck out dust from the footwear / feet in one single wipe. It’s wavy and undulated combination of aesthetics, strength & durability.

Commercial Entry Mats

Application areas

  • Entrances – Lobbies, Passages, Corridors, Pathways
  • Indoors – Airports, Malls, Corporate Corridors, Restaurants, Theaters, Clubs, Health Spa’s
  • Households – Swimming pool, Bathrooms, Shower cubicles, Trains & Luxury coaches
 Swimming Pool Non Slip Mats

Technical details

Colour Size (in inches) MRP
GREEN / RED / MAROON / GREY / BLUE 15″ X 24″ 610
19″ X 30″ 950
24″ X 36″ 1390