Fuel Tanks

In the 1970s, all fuel tanks were made of steel. Today, estimates say that 85% of newly registered vehicles in Europe and over 70./0 of cars built in North America have plastic tanks. Due to the ongoing harmonization of Indian standards with that of European Union, Indian auto manufacturers have started offering vehicles fitted with plastic fuel tanks.

Time Technoplast designs & manufactures innovative plastic fuel tanks, which offer the following advantages over the conventional steel fuel tank

  • The special design allows maximum fuel holding capacity in a minimum amount of space.
  • Its complicated shape optimally utilizes the vehicle space
  • More ‘crashworthy’ because of their seamless design and ability to deform.
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight
  • High puncture resistant
  • Recyclable

Time’s fuel tanks have already established themselves for tractor & commercial vehicle application suitable for diesel fuel. It is in the process of developing multi-layer tanks suitable for passengers cars.

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